Two Button Army

Two Button Army is a unique local 1v1 fighting game that tests your skills and reflexes. Each player controls their army with only two buttons, making combat simple to learn, yet difficult to master. Two Button Army‘s gameplay mechanics provide an arcade-like experience where players quick attack, heavy attack, and parry their way through an enemy army to destroy their castle. By taking proven combat mechanics and fusing them with our vision of controlling an army acting in unison, we have created a combat system.

This is the most important project of my career so far. The game is a product from a class at DePaul University where we were tasked with creating a minimal-input game in Unity in ten weeks. Afterwards, we were fortunate enough to be selected to showcase our game at Radius Festival in Vienna, Austria in July 2016.

For Two Button Army, I served as the Project Lead. I lead the game’s design and handled all production related tasks. In the build you’ll see below, I created the initial design and helped craft the initial prototype for our pitch. Moving forward, I worked alongside the programmer to design, prototype, and implement core game mechanics. In addition, I collaborated¬†with two other designers to balance the gameplay, as well as develop methods to make the process more efficient. Finally, I oversaw the game’s art and sound direction.